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    It's to be the moment when I was at the grand national, they were coming into the home straight an AP was still holding on the atmosphere was electrifying, then they were two from home an AP and Don't Push It were still there an coming up to the last, an they jumped, cleared an were in the run to the finish, everyone around me was cheering, clapping anything anyone could do they did betting slips going everywhere, it did not matter if you had money on AP or not you were there the year he won the grand national... The atmosphere was amazing all you could here was AP AP AP, cheering, champagne popping and been great experience an fab memories..... The only time he did, if I recall, I been following him since I was little I'm 24 years old and he has been my idol, my role model and a true gentleman a legend to the name sports man an I can't wait to tell my children about the most amazing Jockey.....
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    The greatest jockey of all time AP MCcoy. I will never forget being at Cheltenham when he won the Arkle on Well Chief for Martin Pipe needed a security van to help collect my winnings. Midweek at Fontwell or Ludlow, mid March at Cheltenham he gives 100 per cent. McCoy will be missed greatly. Cheltenham will always be a magical place where dreams are made reality. I hope the Festival 2015, APs last will be forever memorable as APs best.
    by martin moreland edited by Racing Post 2/13/2015 4:10:34 PM
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    His 4000th winner was boss. The Gold Cup with Synchronised and The National with Don't Push It.
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    My own rather selfish best memory of A P McCoy was the Tuesday after Cheltenham in 2006 when the Tote Jackpot roll-over from the previous ten days took the pool at now extinct Hereford over the £1m mark, the second biggest pool in the bet's history.
    The Jackpot pool eventually reached £1,501,478, and I was one of 105 successful punters who found all six winners that afternoon, collecting £10, 550 each, with McCoy driving Dancewiththedevil over the line in the concluding bumper to win by one and a half lengths.
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    Take a bow a.p an absolute gent and great ambassador for the sport! Legend????????????
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    Wichita Lineman... McCoy at his imperious best, he won me a small fortune that day. When I watch that race again now, I still cannot believe how he ever got that horse home. The man is a complete legend, he will be so sorely missed over the jumps. Thank you so much for the memories AP, I hope have a very happy retirement as you have certainly earned it!
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    Some people transcend their sport and AP has done that. I've never seen another sportsman as mentally strong and desperate to win as him. His dedication, humility, effort and class knows no bounds.

    Thanks for the memories Champ, you are my hero and many other people's too
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    Goldenswift jan 1996. A last race get out at Sandown. My first memory and winning bet. Taquin at Cheltenham last year my last big race McCoy win.
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    Whicheta lineman with out a doubt the best ride I've seen
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    It has to be his ride on Pridwell in the 1998 Aintree Hurdle, knowing the horse could be a bit of a monkey it was a incredible effort get up near the line to overhaul the brilliant 3x champion hurdle winner Istabraq
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    all good things come to an end, sadly this time we are losing you! I do hope, in the near future we will see you taking up something in the horse world . Whatever this may be, training, working with young horses or jockeys....I do hope you knowledge can be passed on.
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    Been great to follow you, even better to see you at Ludlow.
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    It was always lovely when A.P. was the last leg of a mutiibet. Golden Sunbird and Noble Prince are two I have very fond financial memories of. But what a gentleman. Happily posed with my ten year old son at Newton Abbot and when my cherub decided HE didn't like the photo, A.P. laughed and posed again. Enjoy A.P.. You have made many people very happy.
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    Talented, tough and a really nice guy. You really are the very best that you could be.
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    Looking at a racecard when he was injured, it always seemed incomplete - next jumps season it will be 'empty' every week. Such a void to fill. Unique man and athlete.
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    Here's my own AP McCoy story; I was leading him up at Market Rasen on a horse called Mister Benedictine. Brendan Duke the trainer legged AP up and then in his booming voice says "Julia, thanks he looks a picture". AP bends down and says to me "Do you think he's talking about me"? I said "Well Champ, I don't know but to hell with the championship titles, if Brendan Duke thinks you look a picture, you know you've made it". He laughs. Then he gets beat in the closing stages and finishes 2nd. The horse's regular rider, (who was rightly miffed to get jocked off) David Crosse, comes past AP on the way in and says "I would have won on that". Oh the days....
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    Never seen a more determined, or skilled man work harder than AP. He earned it all
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    Eight wins for me on my horse Round Robin. He managed to turn a selling hurdler into a winning machine back in 1999/2000. Amazing for me to have been a small part of racing history. Great memories.
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    What a man what a jockey will leave a big void in racing, enjoy retirement
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    A true gentleman of the sport. AP McCoy is national hunt racing. Inspired a generation. You'll be sorely missed. Thanks for the memories ????????????
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    Every time I get on a horse, I think why I love racing. Your achievements are one of the reasons I love this sport, you are the best jockey there is and that there will ever be. McCoy defies the odds and defies them again. Racing will not be the same without you.
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    There are no words to describe you as a NH jockey, they have all been used! I've been involved in racing for sixty years and I've seen some great jocks in that time BUT nothing to touch you! You are a true one off and driven beyond belief. A true champion whose like we will NEVER see again ! I am privileged to still be alive to see you do what you were born to do! Win win win win
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    Hi Tony Just to wish you a very happy retirement with Channelle Eve and Archie. Thank you for all the joys you brought to racing. I wish you Health Happiness and luck in the years ahead. Hope the next chap have you back in the winners enclosure again
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    Uttoxeter a few years ago, lovely guy and kind enough to agree to this photo. My fav moment was his Grand National win when I was there for my 60th birthday. Good luck A.P. Enjoy your retirement and family.
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    @RacingPost He was simply god in the saddle will be so missed
    Witcha Lineman at Cheltenham need I say more. I am so honoured to have been able to witness the greatest jockey in the world make so many records. A true genius.
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    AP McCoy you'll never jump alone! Thank you for your fair play, passion and emotion horse ride. i miss you so much
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    @RacingPost Huge congratulations on a glittering career and all the best for the future! Privellage to watch you! #ClassAct #CheersChamp ????????
    Two miles west at cartmel and Wichita Lineman at the festival. Two of the best rides I have ever seen. Everything that is good about racing. It certainly won't be the same sport without AP. A privilege to have seen a true champion season in and season out for so many years. Best of luck whatever the future brings.
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    It's been an great many years watching you ride, I always think when a horse looks beat never tear up your ticket when the champs on board, Thanks for the great memories AP and good luck with whatever you do in the future
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    Tried to pick a favourite moment.....a highlight...for the man himself you would pick Don't Push It. For me personally.....I haven't a clue.....way too many....but even now when you listen to him, his greatest quality is his humility.......after all he has achieved.....after all he has given to horse sport in general......he says he is privileged to have done something he loves for so long.....nowhere near as we are Mr McCoy
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    Leader, Champ, Legend... Thanks for the memories AP, go out with a bang at the festivals! An inspirations to all generations
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    A.P McCoy
    The champ
    The phenomenon
    The legend
    The record breaker
    The history maker
    Will be massively missed by this sport and all sports
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    Best of luck to your new career whatever it maybe. But will miss not seeing you race riding, you are leaving a big void to be filled. I'm a huge fan, hope we will see you at Punchestown festival in April.
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    AP McCoy owes National Hunt Racing nothing. National Hunt Racing owes AP McCoy everything, to me he was the ultimate modest Professional and we will never ever see the likes of him again. A genuine true Champion and a Happy Retirement
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    Your retirement announcement come as a complete surprise but for some reason I saw it coming from the emotion etched over your face after that amazing victory on Mr Mole last weekend...Thanks a million for the countless memories over the past 20+ years...
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    Tony McCoy celebrates as he is led into the winner’s enclosure on Brave Inca after winning the 2006 Champion Hurdle
    (picture: Edward Whitaker - 

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    'Brilliance has never worn a more modest face'

    Alastair Down hails a sporting genius whose unassailable statistics tell only half the story . . .

    A LITTLE after three o'clock on Saturday the map of the racing world was suddenly redrawn by the man who has rewritten our sporting history.on Saturday AP McCoy's announcement that he is to exit the weighing room for the final time on April 25 rocked racing's landscape like an earthquake.

    His numbers are astonishing and if jumping endures for another thousand years they will remain simply unassailable. More than 4,300 winners, a serene progress to a 20th consecutive jockeys' title, and Saturday on Mr Mole the ninth time he has ridden 200 winners in a season.

    But statistics alone do not define him and it is impossible to overstate how unfillable will be the void he leaves when he bows out.

    Of course we will miss him wreaking his mad magic on a daily basis as from gaff track to festival fleshpot he boots home the good, simply ordinary or plain unwilling. He has always been great at changing the mind of the ones who don't fancy it.

    But we will regret more than the professional passing of a jockey. For all the congregation who form the magnificently broad church of jumping, McCoy has become part of life's furniture - not some vacuous celebrity but that epochal rarity, a genuine sporting hero.

    It is partly about his longevity in the only job where two ambulances follow you round every time you go to work, but it is also admiration for the savagery of the regime he puts himself through.

    When AP gets out of one of his famously hot baths, Chanelle puts a couple of eggs in the water and they are cooked for the kids' breakfast in four minutes.

    Time and again after one of his more hideous falls we have seen him haul himself gingerly to his feet, pale of face but implacable of will, and you know he is already suppressing the pain and refusing to let it upset the rhythm of getting back in the saddle again.

    There has always been something very slightly unhinged about AP. His almost malevolent pursuit of winners borders on what I can only describe as the admirably psychotic.

    Truth be told the bone-rattling - and fracturing - injuries have taken more shrugging off over the last two or three years and the Worcester crunch in October that dashed his dream of 300 winners inflicted a deep mental wound, although he masked it with his usual poker face.

    AP has always been driven by targets and he admitted that when the 300 vaporised "it kind of broke my heart".

    He is venerated by his weighing-room colleagues and revered by the public. And over the next ten weeks we will have endless opportunities to thank him. It took McCoy a few years to understand how much racing people loved him but he gets it now and there is bound to be a massive outpouring of affectionate gratitude between now and Sandown's Jumps Finale at the end of April.

    We are in for a long list of ‘last times' at Cheltenham, Aintree and Punchestown. But at every course from Fontwell to Ffos Las, Carlisle to Kelso the farewell tour will roll on as AP makes his long goodbye.

    All we want is a safe denouement to the most extraordinary career the sport has known and for McCoy to get out in one piece. Or just the various bits he is in already with no more added please.

    His wife Chanelle said on Saturday: "He's had good days and bad days dealing with the decision." How true that must be. Scratch AP and he bleeds like the rest of us and if there has ever been one thing that genuinely frightened him it has been the terror of retirement and when the hour would strike.

    There will be all sorts of mental contortions and agonies over the next two and half months but that is inevitable. For over 20 years his life has been ferociously focused on riding winners often to the exclusion of everything and everyone else.

    By his own admission it used to make him nigh on impossible to live with but he has incalculable assets to make a difficult transition easier to bear - a happy marriage and two bundles of trouble he adores without reservation in Eve and Archie.

    After he won the Gold Cup on Synchronised, late in the evening while the rest of the lads were getting upended on champagne in the weighing room, AP was taking on the little force of nature Eve in running races round the paddock. And I'll bet he wasn't off and let her win.

    And if you want to get full value from AP's last hurrah then make the point of going to see him in action and adding your voice to the chorus of cheers and applause.

    Here we have a man unlike any other who has walked the earth and slung leg across horse. We have not merely been enriched by his hard genius but we owe him an enormous debt of gratitude for the heights to which he has taken us and the faultless manner in which he conducts himself. Brilliance and unique achievement never wore a more modest face.

    It was not without a small tremor as the news sank in that I began to think of how different jump racing is going to be without our very own lion in winter. As AP talked to the press yesterday he suddenly began to find it all rather emotional and cut it short with a simple "I've got to go lads".

    Let's make sure by the time he departs he knows in every corner of his being that never has a jockey been held in such esteem and affection marbled through with no small degree of awe.

    AP is the unsurpassable riding phenomenon of our time and all the ages. And having him on our watch has been a pleasure and a fantastic privilege.

    Originally published in the February 8, 2015 edition of the Racing Post

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    The champ celebrates in front of the jubilant Cheltenham crowd after Well Chief lands the Arkle in 2004, a third victory in the race for the 19-time champion jockey (picture: Edward Whitaker - 

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    A legend what an era for me to be a national hunt fan, surely a knighthood is likely, we must petition for this.Gary Keepat 6:22 PM

    Stunned - but so glad I have been around to witness the greatest jump jockey ever to look between the ears of a horse. Total legend. The complete horseman, and a gentleman to boot. No airs and graces, just a genuine man who loves his job. He will be sorely missed, but I wish him a long, happy retirement, and thank you A P for all the wonderful memories. Heres to a great Cheltenham !Phil Traversat 6:16 PM

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