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Kieren Fallon vs Matt Chapman: Round 1 Live

Ding! Ding! Ding!

During ATR's Sunday Forum this weekend Matt Chapman discussed a ride Kieren Fallon gave to one of his rides at Southwell last week.

Fallon was not happy.

Not happy at all

Writing in his always entertaining column in the Weekender (available in newsagents today) he tore into Chappers.

"I am afraid this week I am wearing my Mr Angry hat," began Fallon, donning his favourite piece of headwear before continuing:

I couldn't believe my ears when my riding of horse called Bwindi was brought into question. I finished second on him at Southwell last week and Chapman, the motormouth of racing presenters, got involved, suggesting the stewards should have looked into my ride.

Fallon proceeded to mount a spirited defence of his ride, before turning his guns on Chapman:

When you are a top sportsman in any discipline you are always open to criticism, and when it is merited fair enough. And anyone who knows me or reads my column will accept I have no biggert critic than myself.

But when you are slagged off by individuals who have no experience of what they are talking about - and Chapman has to be in that category - then it really angers me.

Chapman, inevitably, wasted little time in responding. In this case, his strategy consisted of denying he had criticised Fallon at all:

Have a watch and decide who's right:

Sunday Forum Bwindi discussion
by At The Races via YouTube

Feeling confident, Chapman closed his defence with a somewhat audacious request:

Over to you, Kieren....

"Ha ha ha. He wants a what?"


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